In addition to making new friends and spending time with old ones, I have of course also continued my riguros training for the Canine Swimming Championship.

Training in my neighbourhood:

This year, I have in fact reached a new level of performance and started swimming in the ocean. It was not easy, as the waves are sometimes very big and I am a bit afraid of them.

Warming up and building upper body strength:

“Should I stay or should I go?”

I go.


This summer I also met a wonderful new friend, Camila. She was in the care of the Associação Zóofila Portuguesa, an association dedicated to promoting the welfare of animals in Portugal. Camila was taken in by AZP after an unfortunate incident on the streets of Lisbon that made it clear that she needs protection and special care.

Camila is a very sweet and gentle dog. While I am generally aloof with other dogs, I became quite fond of her. She used to smell my ears ever so gently, very respectful of the fact that I like to have my personal space.

We both love to roll around and expose our bellies to the sun. 🙂

We enjoyed several wonderful walks through Parque Eduardo VII together.

Camilla and Gerbeaud_.4jpgCamilla and Gerbeaud_3

Even though I generally don’t like to stop, I waited patiently whenever she got tired and needed to rest.

Fortunately, Camila’s luck struck and some generous people from Sintra offered her a home. We still hope to cross paths with her in Sintra or in Parque das Nações …



I have made several new friends this year, both human and canine, but I also lost some. My lovely friend Atena, the other dog in our family, passed away this summer at the honorable age of 12 years.

Atena and I were quite different. She was tall and elegant, I am short and robust. She was fearful, I am bold and adventurous. She was a wise and frail senior, I am still young and restless. We nonetheless got along well and enjoyed each other’s company. I often times shared my bed with her and we slept besides each other in the afternoons.

In the mornings, she and I used to join forces and bark until we were taken for a proper walk, rather than a simple run in the garden. And I was VERY protective of her. Even when it was uncalled for. Rest in peace, dear Atena.



With the end of the year approaching, it is time to reflect back on 2017. Fortunately, nothing too scandalous happened this year. Sure, I still nibble on thrash during my walks, ignore recalls when we go to the park and occasionally enjoy to ruffle some comrade’s fur, but have been a rather good boy lately. My humans say that I am getting wiser as I age.

This year has been about friendship. These are some of my pals at the Cantinho da Milu, where I also come from. I particularly like Milu and the volunteers at the shelter, so we went there on my birthday and our second year anniversary.

cantinho_sept 13_2017

This is us, on the same day, two years ago. I was a bit slimmer then. 🙂

Timea e Gerbeaud


fearless in Sagres

Last week we finally managed to spend some time in Algarve. Such a beautiful part of our planet!

As I sometimes whine out of sheer excitement and might give the impression that I am a wimp, I figured that this might be a good opportunity to showcase just how brave I am.

Not afraid of heights …


… water …


… or scary sounds coming out of the ground.

New Year’s resolution

Happy new year! May it bring an abundance of quality walks, belly rubs and salmon treats to everyone!

On December 31st I spent part of my afternoon next to Rio Formosa pondering about my accomplishments over 2016 and resolutions for 2017. In light of all the fuss I caused over the holidays, as my humans and I enjoyed the hospitality (and unattended plates) of others,  I resolve to become less of a “spoiled little brat” in 2017. Whatever that means.

back to Arrabida

Last weekend we re-visited the Natural Park of Arrabida where I spent my first weekend with my family. Many things have changed since then – the brits voted to exit the EU, Donald Trump got elected as president,New Jersey required pet stores to sell only rescue animals, the Moran dog-meat market shut down, I gained a bit of weight, but a few things remained the same.

  1. My mama still thinks I’m the cutest.


2. The park is just as beautiful as I remembered it.


3. My kind is still not allowed to enter the Praia do Portinho during the summer season. So I made sure to dig holes and roll around in the sand while I still can.


How come cats don’t face similar restrictions? DiscrimiNation.