losing family

Last year has been a difficult one. Several of our family members got affected by illnesses and we lost some of them. …. Ironically, it was not the coronavirus. It was other diseases that conspired against us. … Our losses include my lovely cousin MiuMiu, who departed from us very unexpectedly.

I only met her about a year and a half ago, but grew up hearing stories about her. By the time we met, we were both set in our ways and our humans did not force us to socialize much.

But we would always say hello to each other with a meaningful gaze when I visited. She would usually look at me with her beautiful eyes and a curious expression through the balcony door or from the top of the shelves. And I would look at her nervously before, during and after diving into her food-plate to lick it shiny clean.

I now wish I cared less about my belly and tried harder to befriend her. … I will get that chance when I eventually join her, Atena and grandpa on the other side of the rainbow bridge.

…Hope they won’t forget to bring me treats when they come to greet me …

getting more social in parks and school

i became much more social with other dogs recently. moving to Budapest helped tremendously in this regard.

there are tons of dog parks in the city where i can run around off the leash and have some playtime with other dogs. we are still a bit selective regarding the dogs i play with. we generally avoid large intimidating male dogs. we then test the waters and if the dogs seem too dominant, we only stay for a few minutes. but most of the times, i have a wonderful time playing with other dogs. just look at me prancing around like a social butterfly with this young lady:

most dogs who live in the city – and there are a lot of them – really understand boundaries. they often walk around without the leash in the city and they still don’t run up to me every time our paths cross. i really appreciate that, as other dogs jumping in my face always bothered me. as it turns out, most of the dogs here went to school where they learn some basic etiquette.

zserbo dogpark

inspired by the good behaviour of other dogs and the progress i made, i started going to doggy school myself. during the first occasions, i was still a bit agitated due to the large number of my canine colleagues – small and large, calm and excited.

but after a few classes, i am already cool as a cucumber and ace all exercises. i would do anything for a piece of sausage, even if it is the vegan type. zserbo sulibaand my humans get so proud of me. they give me tons of belly rubs at home.zserbo hatonthe only thing i am missing here are some dipping pools  …

my cousin Henri

in the spring of 2020, my aunty adopted a kitten from the small cat shelter called life4cats rescue from Transylvania. we managed to bring him to Budapest just as travel restrictions were being imposed at the border.

little Henri had a rough start in life in Transylvania and he also had to have a leg surgery upon arrival to Budapest, but he did not let those unpleasant things get to him. he is definitely the sparkiest and bravest little kitten i have ever met.

it took us a while to get used to him, but he is part of the family now.

new life in Budapest

once we settled in, new adventures started. i visited the famous Gerbeaud-house and had a close encounter with a slice of authentic Zserbó. i evern learned some hungarian commands: “gyere”, “lábhoz”, “fúj”.

and then winter came. real winter. got to experience snow for the first time.

let’s not forget about the beautiful House of Parliament that we are fortunate enough to be able to admire on a daily basis.


journey to Budapest

in the fall of 2019, we moved to Budapest. the journey was difficult for everyone.

the cats threw a tantrum as they were supposed to enter their carriers. they must have sensed the stress of my humans, who worried about potentially having to take them out at we pass security. fortunately, it did not come to that. to preserve their dignities, no photos will be shared of their trip.

i initially handled it well, could feel that the humans were nervous, but i know nothing bad can happen to us as long as we stay together.

g with suitcase2

but then, as our taxi arrived, they asked me to get into my carrier and i realized that this is not going to be a normal trip. so i got very nervous as well. with good reason, as it turned out. while the cats were able to travel on board, i had to fly in the belly of this giant iron bird. all by myself. i whimpered inconsolably. the whole way.

things took a brighter turn upon arrival: my lovely aunty was waiting for us at the airport. the felines bounced back immediately in her home. but for me, it took longer. i became worried .. once again .. about being left behind.

but things got back to normal for me as well slowly. i had my little brothers to rely on.

harman 5




and then there were two …

so many things happened since the last time I wrote. in the early summer of 2019, i ended up with a second feline brother.

long story short: three little kittens fell behind a wall at the restaurant where Hugo was found and we accepted to help them.  we found good families for the two tabby kittens, but nobody was really interested in the black one. so he stayed with us.

his name now is Miró and he is absolutely lovely.

we all love him.

aaaaand it has started ….

Hugo has taken over ALL my favorite places. I sometimes just lay there peacefully, until he insists to come next to me, and eventually takes over. Being adored sucks.



My favorite fluffy pillow.

My backup fluffy pillow. And even the sofa. MY sofa!!

… He is kind of cute though. … Feline has a flair for the dramatic. 😉

big news

… drum roll ….
The kitten and I finally became pals, fulfilling my human’s wish for domestic peace and open doors.  Next on their agenda: world peace and elimination of bank fees.
I still think that the kitten is insufferable little brat, but he is now OUR insufferable little brat. …. It took me a while. I was reluctant.
After numerous supervised meetings and tons of treats (no bikini body this year), I finally took pity on my humans and let them continue to believe that I am ultimately a kind-hearted dog.
The acceptance was quite ceremonious. To make it as memorable as the moment when ET used telekinesis to make the bikes of his friends airborne.
I first sat facing the kitten for quite a while, measuring it up and down, while my servant massaged my back.
I then got up and slowly walked over to the chair on which the feline was laying ….  and I sat down with my back turned to it. ….. At that moment, the skies opened and angels started singing.
My human is not a complete idiot. She knows that that gesture means trust and acceptance in Gerbish. Ever since then … domestic bliss for humans, but no peace for me.
…. Oh boy …