i steal things from the kitchen counter

I generally don’t beg …. much ….. but have a weakness for food left unattended on the kitchen counter. I once stole an entire pack of cheese and the consequences were pretty disastrous. It was the hard way to discover that we – dogs – become lactose intolerants as adults. We all learned lessons from that experience. My people now almost never leave any food on the kitchen counters …. almost ….

i eat pumpkin

And not because it is almost Halloween. I eat it because I have digestion issues and the pumpkin adds fiber to my diet. Let’s not tip-toe around it too much – I have soft stools when I only eat kibble. There. Besides, I really like the taste of mashed pumpkin mixed with my humid food. It is my afternoon delight.

i get anxious when left alone

Like many other dogs that had already been abandoned before, I suffer from separation anxiety. You should see the tantrum I throw when my people have to leave me at home. I whine and bark, and do things that no landlord should ever hear about!! I don’t even eat all my treats which I normally gobble down in seconds. So I generally follow my people like a ghost to make sure that I don’t go through that kind of embarrassment. No self-respecting dog leaves treats laying on the floor.

my name

I was named after a hungarian pastry, known as Gerbeaud or Zserbó, developed by swiss pastry chef Emil Gerbeaud in Budapest. One of my people does not like chocolate – I know, weird – so I resemble rather well the no- or white- chocolate version of this beautiful and sweet pastry. Finally, my name is popular with both the hungarian and portuguese members of our extended pack – as Zserbó and Jerbo, respectively.