journey to Budapest

in the fall of 2019, we moved to Budapest. the journey was difficult for everyone.

the cats threw a tantrum as they were supposed to enter their carriers. they must have sensed the stress of my humans, who worried about potentially having to take them out at we pass security. fortunately, it did not come to that. to preserve their dignities, no photos will be shared of their trip.

i initially handled it well, could feel that the humans were nervous, but i know nothing bad can happen to us as long as we stay together.

g with suitcase2

but then, as our taxi arrived, they asked me to get into my carrier and i realized that this is not going to be a normal trip. so i got very nervous as well. with good reason, as it turned out. while the cats were able to travel on board, i had to fly in the belly of this giant iron bird. all by myself. i whimpered inconsolably. the whole way.

things took a brighter turn upon arrival: my lovely aunty was waiting for us at the airport. the felines bounced back immediately in her home. but for me, it took longer. i became worried .. once again .. about being left behind.

but things got back to normal for me as well slowly. i had my little brothers to rely on.

harman 5




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