getting more social in parks and school

i became much more social with other dogs recently. moving to Budapest helped tremendously in this regard.

there are tons of dog parks in the city where i can run around off the leash and have some playtime with other dogs. we are still a bit selective regarding the dogs i play with. we generally avoid large intimidating male dogs. we then test the waters and if the dogs seem too dominant, we only stay for a few minutes. but most of the times, i have a wonderful time playing with other dogs. just look at me prancing around like a social butterfly with this young lady:

most dogs who live in the city – and there are a lot of them – really understand boundaries. they often walk around without the leash in the city and they still don’t run up to me every time our paths cross. i really appreciate that, as other dogs jumping in my face always bothered me. as it turns out, most of the dogs here went to school where they learn some basic etiquette.

zserbo dogpark

inspired by the good behaviour of other dogs and the progress i made, i started going to doggy school myself. during the first occasions, i was still a bit agitated due to the large number of my canine colleagues – small and large, calm and excited.

but after a few classes, i am already cool as a cucumber and ace all exercises. i would do anything for a piece of sausage, even if it is the vegan type. zserbo sulibaand my humans get so proud of me. they give me tons of belly rubs at home.zserbo hatonthe only thing i am missing here are some dipping pools  …

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