big news

… drum roll ….
The kitten and I finally became pals, fulfilling my human’s wish for domestic peace and open doors.  Next on their agenda: world peace and elimination of bank fees.
I still think that the kitten is insufferable little brat, but he is now OUR insufferable little brat. …. It took me a while. I was reluctant.
After numerous supervised meetings and tons of treats (no bikini body this year), I finally took pity on my humans and let them continue to believe that I am ultimately a kind-hearted dog.
The acceptance was quite ceremonious. To make it as memorable as the moment when ET used telekinesis to make the bikes of his friends airborne.
I first sat facing the kitten for quite a while, measuring it up and down, while my servant massaged my back.
I then got up and slowly walked over to the chair on which the feline was laying ….  and I sat down with my back turned to it. ….. At that moment, the skies opened and angels started singing.
My human is not a complete idiot. She knows that that gesture means trust and acceptance in Gerbish. Ever since then … domestic bliss for humans, but no peace for me.
…. Oh boy …

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