This summer I also met a wonderful new friend, Camila. She was in the care of the Associação Zóofila Portuguesa, an association dedicated to promoting the welfare of animals in Portugal. Camila was taken in by AZP after an unfortunate incident on the streets of Lisbon that made it clear that she needs protection and special care.

Camila is a very sweet and gentle dog. While I am generally aloof with other dogs, I became quite fond of her. She used to smell my ears ever so gently, very respectful of the fact that I like to have my personal space.

We both love to roll around and expose our bellies to the sun. 🙂

We enjoyed several wonderful walks through Parque Eduardo VII together.

Camilla and Gerbeaud_.4jpgCamilla and Gerbeaud_3

Even though I generally don’t like to stop, I waited patiently whenever she got tired and needed to rest.

Fortunately, Camila’s luck struck and some generous people from Sintra offered her a home. We still hope to cross paths with her in Sintra or in Parque das Nações …


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